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My shaving both wet and dry

August 22, 2012  |  Male Grooming

Consumer Review of AT810 Powertouch With Aquatec Electric Razor. Very good I would definitely recommend this razor to anyone needing an electric razor. Norelco has done a very good job once

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Sugababes, Pall Mall Barbers, Traditional Wet Shaving, Straight Razor Shaving, Men’s Shaving.

December 20, 2011  |  Male Grooming http is one of the finest independent barbers inLondon, offering traditional barber services including shaving, Shave, Men's Shaving, Straight Razor Shaving. For more than 100 years, barbers at 27

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05. Preparation for shaving

November 16, 2011  |  Male Grooming

Presentation of the different key steps which will allow you to adopt the best solution for your shaving preparation, electric or manual. Check out the rest of the videos and a

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Mastery of the Shaving Brush: Part 1 – Choosing your Brush

September 30, 2011  |  Male Grooming

Lets talk about shaving brushes for a moment. You may think they're old fashioned or foppish but the truth is using a shaving brush can make a huge difference in the

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Mens Shaving Advice from Heaven Spa

September 19, 2011  |  Male Grooming

Expert advice on how to shave. Advice on which products to use before and after shaves.