Tie Styles- Look Different Everyday

Tie Styles- Look Different Everyday

“I have a hankering to go back to the Orient and discard my necktie. Neckties strangle clear thinking”

–Lin Yutang

These words are clear evidence of Yutang’s loathe towards Neckties but hey I am sure there must be some other reason of his rage, which he redirected towards the poor lifeless creature “TIE”.

Many people symbolizes necktie as a dog strap especially when it became a mandatory part in corporate world’s attire, but at the same time, the status symbol which associated with the ‘tie and knot’ has added elegance and royalty to its consumers. Tie’s history lies back hundreds of years in the French revolution, worn by the military people, but in the modern age it is generally accepted as a fashion element.

Necktie is one of the few and important accessories in men styling. Whether it’s a class presentation, interview, wedding, board meeting or even formal dinner, a man can’t have an escape from this slim and sleek piece of cloth around his neck. As Necktie has become a strong style statement, we have a great variety in color, size, material and price.

A plain dull shirt can all the way be changed by a necktie and its different tying ways. A professional office going person can accessorize him by wearing different tie colors and materials. Traditionally neckties were in silk only, but as it has turned out as a fashion accessory, different materials have been used like woolen and polyester.

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With the usage of neckties, different styles have been invented to tie a tie. This innovation has increased its class and significance in the metro sexual era. It is considered that only gentlemen are aware of the different knot styles depending on the collar style and occasion.

Four-in-hand Knot is one of the most common and easiest ways to knot a tie. Its simple folds provide grace to one’s outlook.

Half Windsor Knot is considered as a professional knot style. Its huge knot size shortens the length of the tie but gives sophistication to one’s clothing. Tall men usually don’t try this style because of its length.

Windsor knot is tied in more professional gatherings. Its knot triangle is larger than the Half Windsor Knot.

Small Knot is a simple and smaller style; its wrap is closer to the neck and can be of thicker material.

There is an interesting fact about neckties that British necktie stripes run from top left to top bottom right. While American necktie stripes run from top right to bottom left.

Different colors have different meanings likewise; different shades of neckties represent diverse state of mind like red tie represents power, firmness as well as happiness, black is more associated with leadership quality, yellow color shows sparkle and radiance in one’s personality, blue symbolizes depth and serenity, green indicates wealth and prosperity while brown for soberness and dullness.

Overall, necktie gives a sense of style and personality but for that one needs to be aware of its proper length, style, color and appropriateness. Once a man is able to understand its etiquettes, he will easily conquer the world of his own style.


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