The Style Of The Sleeping Man

July 14, 2011  |  Fashion Trends, Mens Fashion, Mens Style

Sleep is the most important part of our lives. Every human being, man or a woman, young or old, kid or adult; everybody spends between a third or fourth of their lives sleeping. Sleep revitalizes, energizes and refreshes you physically and mentally. Less sleep results in drowsiness and moody attitudes.

Sometimes when a person is working restlessly, he might screw up his work if he is not getting enough rest. Well, a lot about sleep and its importance, but did you ever wonder about sleepwear? What you wear even matters to your body, so that your body can breath and your skin get refresh too. So remember that whatever you are wearing when going to bed makes a lot of difference, and yes, even if you are not wearing anything.

People have been talking a lot about their formal wear for weddings, prom nights, graduation etc., and casual wear for hanging out or going to a mall, playing outdoor sports, indoor sports and much more. But did you ever think about something for sleeping where you are spending a great part and time of your life?

Every human on this earth likes to sleep in the best comfortable outfit, mattress, and atmosphere in terms of temperature (an A/C, fan or heater) depending on the weather. Men sleepwear usually varies from are pants, Bermuda’s, lounge wear or complete pajama suits combination.

If are planning to buy one sleepwear for yourself, and confused what to buy, try from sleepwear made of cotton, linen, silk or nylon. Do not wear synthetic pajamas especially because your body needs to be free throughout the night for added comfort. Also make sure that pajamas or pants that you are wearing does not have waistband that are really tight or suffocating. If you are trying to buy something romantic, silk is considered a little sensuous, it looks good, feels good but makes you feel warm.

The loose feeling is the reason that pajama suits are widely common around the world in most of the cultures. It is the best and simplest of all too, in a plain and same colored shirt and pajama.

Printed lowers with a plain colored t-shirt looks reasonably good, especially when you are going for a sleepover at your friends place. When you’re home and alone, you don’t really think about your nightwear, but when you are going to sleep out or at a camp side, you should think about wearing something that looks smart.

Apart from everything, research has shown that 31% of men sleep without clothes. It has also been proved that sleeping nude promotes weight loss and gives your body a better blood circulation. If you know, your skin also breaths – therefore sleeping nude helps evaporates sweat, burning away all your fat easily.

Apart from normal everyday sleepwear ranging from pajama suits and lounge pants etc., make sure that when you are going for a camping or picnic you must wear something accordingly. Looking smart is not all, but something that can protect you from that weather and from little buddies biting you is equally important.


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