Men In Pink- Not What You Thought

July 14, 2011  |  Fashion Trends, Mens Fashion, Mens Style

With the ever moving world, change is inevitable. People change, trends change, cultures change, and everything changes. Such as the land used for agriculture once, is now consumed by huge industries manufacturing artificial foods. Carts transformed into cars, typewriters into computers, letters into emails, and now it seems that males are gradually transforming into females and females into males!

The human race evolved by the Almighty is classified into males and females, distinguished between them by providing them their particular traits and characteristics.

Manhood is prominently recognized for its masculinity. It brings to mind the thought of the characteristics attributed to men, such as strength and male sexuality. Color therefore has a great affect of human beings, and is also used to differentiate between males and females. For instance, black is worn by the groom in a wedding, whereas the bride is ought to wear white.

Parties often have a certain dress code such as; gents in black, and ladies in red. Even when a person who has a son and a daughter makes a blue, grey or beige colored room for the son, and a rather girly colored room for the daughter such as pink, purple or mauve.

From the very beginning, men dressed up in manly colors, such as brown, black, dark or navy blue etc. This would portray a masculine effect on the people, and signify the man’s masculinity. The colors one wear play a great role in forming his image for others. According to some studies conducted in Britain, colors like pink and red are considered to indicate sexual attractiveness, especially when they are when worn by women. Mostly, dark colors signify power and domination and makes the wearer seem less accessible.

The meaning and significance behind various colors suggest that some colors are actually meant to attract others while others are complete turnoffs. Nice, attractive colors would not let others pay attention on things that you don’t wish them to notice, like wrinkles on face or dark circles under your eyes or oily hair etc.

The upcoming trend of Pink!

We are now experiencing a life in the twenty first century, where fashion plays an ultimate role. Fame and glamour can make people do weird and wonderful things. Well, considering the very witnessed, it is apparently seen that men are gradually adapting feminine traits, whereas women are adapting masculine characteristics.

The differentiation between men and women is terminating. Because men have been wearing the same colors for so long, now they are experimenting new things. The same has happened to females.

Men have started wearing pink, purple, mauve and every other girly color that exists. Pink is considered to be worn by a lot of men, straight and metro/gay. I may agree to the fact that it does not look BAD on men, but the meaning that it derives is absurd indeed.

One way of saving yourself from the trouble of choosing which color goes with what is to limit the choices you have. Try to keep less color options for yourself. Go for colors that suit you and are neutral. Such colors would go well with any accessories you desire to wear and would definitely save you some pennies and a lot of time and space.


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