Looking Good Is Not a Chore!

Looking Good Is Not a Chore!

It isn’t only mandatory for women to look good; rather it is now more crucial for men these days. Nowadays, female gender decides whether that particular guy is suitable enough to roam around with in public or not. The decision power has been shifted from male to the other side. Momentarily cash is the formula being implemented to look young in such occasions.

One can now imagine the emerging need to look like a gentleman, for the sake of being accepted by others. This issue is not with a single individual but with all men, irrespective of their age factor.

These fellows are ready to pay to gain victory in-front of their managers at work or to their loved ones in their personal life. It is admitted that a professional look can’t be adopted by using products yourself, but still some percentage of the work can be done by following some simple guidelines.

If a full bottle of perfume is present, one is not obliged to bathe in. Apply the fragrance that suits the personality, emitting a limited smell. Too much fragrance is annoying and gives a headache.

A proper hair cut should be according to the men’s hair and his face. It’s not compulsory to have a hair style that goes with the latest fashion; rather it should be what will look good on the person. The hair of the brow falls in this category. They should be trimmed to such shape that the cutting is not prominent. Get this feature anchored with the help of a professional. Beard and mustache should be of certain level and be trimmed too.

Male should pay attention to hands and feet. The shoes should be matching with the color of the belt. Furthermore, they should be sparkly clean. Hand nails should be tidy and trimmed.  Give your hands a treat once in a while by having a manicure. One definitely doesn’t wants to shake hands with a superior guest with cluttered nails.

To avoid a sedentary life, exercise should be included in the grooming routine. Joining a club or gym is beneficial for social life too as one can interact with new people, advantageous to men in business dealings. A balanced diet is also mandatory to remain fit. Intake of fast food should be to a minimum level; eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Great looking healthy skin requires drinking of water at least 1.5 liters a day.

A smile can do wonders; teeth ought to be free from food particles being stuck in gums. Floss them and take a mint candy after every meal. It doesn’t matter if the teeth are not straight nor white but cleanliness is appealing. Summers are too unpleasant and smelly as male gender sweats a lot. Shower in the morning is a must and usage of powder with deodorant is advisable.

Work on yourself to be pleased, not like a list of chores to be conducted because then you won’t be honest with it. It will present men in a neat manner, and it may not attract others but still; he will be confident, healthy and clean.


Any thoughts?