In Depp’s Shoes- Johnny Depp Style

For men, there are no rules for dressing the right way like women do. Just making the proper choice of colors constitutes to a handsome guy.

There are many fashion icons in the industry. Johnny Depp, also known as “master of disguise”, has been considered a main style icon. He has been ranked 2nd in the list of top 10 best dressed actors.

47 year-old Depp has a simple dressing code; which is usually spiced up with variable accessories including bracelets, rings and head accessories and his famous nerd glasses. He is usually seen wearing his black T-shirt, faded jeans, leather jacket, many rings and bracelets, usually sporting a fedora to pull off the look. This signature look is an extract of dressing style gathered by him while residing in south of France.

The secret of Depp’s dressing style is adding his own unique taste of jewelry with designer labels. This gives him an unparallel mixture of rock star, Parisian and bohemian look.

By far the most famous of all of Depp’s costume is the one worn for the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous film series “pirates of the Caribbean.”

He brought a whole new look to the pirate portrait by including some of his own preferences like, wearing a combination of his signature leather hat and bandanna, giving him a thugs look of basketball cap-bandanna fashion.

He elevated the pirate look by wearing kohl and adding a few more gold teeth to couple of real ones. Although Depp usually dons clothes that usually hobos might wear. This guy can sure pull off clothes in which other might look like gypsies.

But Depp sure knows what to wear and how. Even on the red carpet Depp usually wears his hat and hot nerd glasses. Sometimes he even spices up his tuxedos with unusual scarves.

In his many award-nominated movies, Depp has created a fashion image and promoted various fashions in men’s world. In his film “the tourist”, he is seen wearing a French tux with a French beard to go with.
In “Alice in wonderland,” his character of the Mad Hatter is seen sporting an old fashioned magician’s hat, similar to the one seen in “Charlie and the chocolate factory.”In his Stephen King’s novel-based movie “secret window”, he has his famous sexy nerd glasses on to capture the writers look.

In a classic musical play-based movie, “Sweeny Todd: the demon barber of Fleet St.”, he brings a whole new outlook to the classic gentleman look by keeping his own personal taste of the leather waistcoat.

In trying to dress up like Johnny Depp, few ground rules are that just be cool about what you are wearing and wear on impulse, not plan and wear. You must fill up your wardrobe with a pile of bracelets and straw bands, wearing them many at a time on a simple V-neck shirt. A fedora or a leather hat is must. Few scarves and a leather jacket might just complete the look of Johnny Depp.


Any thoughts?