Suit Jacket Vents – Which Style For Which Body Type – Single Vent – Double Vent – No Vent Jackets

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  1. I really liked your video but I think you need to show examples/pictures.

  2. moneyinthebank14344

    what’s a bubble butt?

  3. TidewaterHooligans

    I’m sorry, but your train of thought that any jacket with a single vent is a cheap jacket, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce and Gabbana are three high-end suit manufactures that come to mind who use single vents on their jackets. Just because a double vent takes a little more thread does not mean it is of superior quality than a single one. I would rather have a single vent D&G than a double vent cheapo brand.

  4. Hi Antonio,

    I would like you to make a video to explain to us how to find if a jacket in full canvassed, half-canvassed or fused. It is a great sign of quality but not always easy to find without the knowledge. Thank you.

  5. It’s less a guaranteed indicator of quality and more that the double vent is more expensive to produce, so you rarely see it on low-end products. Doesn’t mean that every suit with a double vent is high-quality, or that every suit with a single vent is a cheap one, to be sure.

  6. I really like single vents, but then again I’ve got a bubble but. :) It don’t find vent type has anything to do with quality. I’ve seen very nice single and double vent jacket, and crappy ones in each type as well. I find you can usually tell how good a jacket is more by the way the lapel rolls.

  7. Thank you sir!

  8. Scarves are in the works – as for the others they are pretty low as my strategy is to hit the topics that will help the most men (and as we know despite whatever I may say those pieces are going to be worn by only a very small percentage of men). Even at the pace of one video a day I would say those pieces are still months out……but eventually I will cover them!

  9. Thanks for taking my post as it was intended,sir,as my personal opinion and as purely positive constructive critisism. I`ve subscribed and “liked” and appreciate your making all this great information and advice available to any and all interested viewers.

    p.s. Any chance of a segment on the less common neckware,such as ascots,cravats,neckerchiefs,scarves? Thanks!

  10. We’re always looking to improve the visual quality of these, so thanks for the feedback — they’ll just get better with each one, I’m hoping!

  11. Informative and interesting,Antonio,but the addition of even some simple visual aids,i.e. cutaway shots,current or vintage men`s clothier ads,etc.,would be an audience pleaser. In my humble opinion(never thought I would “say” that cliche),your videos are great,but fashion neophytes (and I`m not much that stage,fyi) and others unfamiliar with garment/wardrobe nomenclature require visual examples(I know I did).Besides,you don`t want them lured off to the competition`s videos/channel…my $0.02.

  12. I agree about the non-vented jacket, It’s a very italian looking jacket & allows you to have a rapid 1 piece look, very elegant cut accentuating pants and shoes, it kinda makes you look like an italian statue!

  13. I think its 1/4 lined because its a hot weather jacket, It has definantly helped. I will in no way deny that it is very cheeply made though.

  14. Good call on the double vents — the 1/4 lining is probably a cost-saving measure rather than anything that’s helping it look better on you, though. There’s some really good deals on East Asian jackets out there, but a lot of them come with some real corner-cutting in the tailoring.

  15. I bought a very cheap sportcoat from a korean manufacturer on Ebay and it has double vents and is only 1/4 lined on the inside. I think double vents definantly look the best on me as a taller slim guy.

  16. No, not at all. It’s just I shoot these videos usually at 5AM before my workday and I’m scatterbrained sometimes:) This was an easy one as I have all three types of jackets – but oh well. Like I say in my other comments – right now I just try to be specific and useful and will worry about higher quality editing once these videos reach a critical!

  17. Sorry if I came across as too critical or something, I didn’t mean to! I am a big fan of your videos, keep up the good work!
    Looking forward to your next video!

  18. lol. I’ve always understood why. Great vids by the way. Very useful info

  19. Make sure to visit my style guide – I’ve written about 100,000 words on the subject:)

  20. It’s just one sign of quality and dependin gon what country you’re in may not be a very good one. In the States double vents are pretty uncommon.

  21. Good point , I could have grabbed a few coats from my closet to show this one. I just figured linking you to the post would be sufficient.

  22. Is it really that bad:) Right now I realize most people viewing my channel are new so I have to treat every viewer as a first time watcher – I want them to watch and learn more so asking them to subscribe is important. I tell you what – help me get to 25K subscribers and we’ll redo it:) 

  23. I don’t mind the single vent it seems to sit better on me than the double. I don’t think I’ve ever tried on a no vent jacket though. I have a couple of suits with double vents but they are cheap $300 wool blend suits that will soon go to the salvos :P .

  24. hi antonio
    by school just had a charity close drive and being 16 i gave alot of my childs (to small or just dont where anymore) so im practialy rebuilding my wardrobe i was wondering if there was a cheaklist for someone about to go into college. i dont want to have to rebuild it after college. any help is appreactied


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