Men’s Suit Color Video Guide – Charcoal – Light Grey – Navy Blue – Black – Brown – Tan – White

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  1. What color would you recommend for someone with extremely dark skin? I’m Sudanese and I think we’re the darkest people in the world. I’m doing a bit of research for medical school interviews and so far I should stick with charcoal grey and navy blue.

  2. If I’m african american…with chocolate type skin…would a lighter brown suit suck color out or look good? Thanks.

  3. Antonio need some combination advice man….. have to go to a cuzons wedding and i have a lght grey coat for it but have to make out the rest…. what combinations will go best with it…. want to look good!!!!

  4. What colors should tie an shirt be to my medium grey or dark grey suit? :)

  5. What about an olive colour?

  6. is there a way to dye a business suit safely after it has been discolored

  7. Hi Antonio, I am very worried about what to wear during my upcoming intervews, I am a Foreign Medical graduate and I ll be having interviews in the upcoming weeks, my complexion is not that dark, I am like “TAN” … north african from Algeria, its an interview for residency application.
    I would appreciate your help ! Thank you in advance.

  8. love the videos but most videos, especially this one, would be better if you include actual examples of the colors

  9. i have dark hair and slightly tanned skin, will a navy or grey suit suit me??

  10. Hi Antonio. I have a question. I´m going to use a charcoal grey suit with a white shirt and white pocketsquare for a wedding in the summer. What colour should the tie be? I have dark hair and dark eyes. Thank you so much.

  11. Hi, I realize this channel’s directed towards men, but can you give some advice for women’s suits?

    I have a dark charcoal dresspant that I bought on sale. I will be going to interviews very soon and am wondering if I should try to find a matching charcoal jacket or if I could use a black jacket. What color shirt would work with either of these options? I would greatly appreciate the advice since there’s a lack of tutorials for women professionals!

  12. Do you think navy blue suit with brown shoes (possible a light brown shade) would be suitable for a wedding? I would appreciate your input

  13. hahaha you killed me with teh Puff Daddy party-White Suit joke hahaha

  14. Navy Blue represents Muscle, and Confidence.

  15. Hi Antonio
    Prom is coming up
    would a charcoal grey suit go with a white shirt and navy tie with a small floral pattern?


  16. Very, VERY good video. I appreciate the soft-spokenness, and how clearly you speak. Plus, the information is very useful.

  17. what about maroons or plum colors ?

  18. Antonio I have red hair and light skin, would a light grey contrast with me. Or should I get a tan wool suit. I’m planning on getting a suit for future events, weddings, college presentations, etc. Help me please.

  19. thanks for talking about different skin and hair colors. would you recommend wearing a different suit for a second or third interview?

  20. Nathalia Morelli

    I will be attending a dinner event with my girlfriend’s family. She insists I wear a navy suit,and says it is faux pas to wear light grey in the evening, but i’d rather wear my light grey suit, as its better fitted, and better appropriated to summer wear, and fine to wear in the evening. advice is appreciated!

  21. Hey Antonio! Proms in a week, and I got a grey suit, not as dark as charcoal, but not very light either, just in the middle. So anyways, i need to wear a dark blue somewhere to match someone. (the blues sort of like the Bell Canada’s logo) i got a tie that colour, but what shirt do you think will go good with it!? Pleease reply asap! it would be insanely appreciated!! Thanks you!!

    ps… did anyone ever tell you, you sorta look like Cristiano Ronaldo!

  22. hey,can you tell me if a charcoal grey suit goes with a black shirt?And what kind of tie is suited best?tnx

  23. I have four suits (a black one, a navy blue one, a brown one, and a dark tan one), and two pairs of dress shoes (a black pair and a brown pair). What colors of suits pair well with what colors of shoes?


  1. terrance
  2. Jay
  3. wayne

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