How to Wear Men’s Shoes with Jeans

December 15, 2012  |  Fashion Tips

Learning how to wear men’s shoes with jeans is an important skill set to have. Here, learn about the best ways to wear men’s shoes with jeans.



  1. That made my day. I was wondering myself!

  2. Step 1: Put on the jeans
    Step 2: Put on the shoes
    Step 3: Close this video

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  4. prasanjeet devnath

    I hve …:P

  5. prasanjeet devnath

    We Can’t wear the same jeans with other pair of shoes…Ohhh REALLY I didn’t knew that lol…:P

  6. Man jean’s tip: If your jeans look like an oversized magnum on your dick, they are too big.

  7. They look like Levi’s 513s.

  8. nothing on skinnys with hi tops :L fuck baggy pants feel big if u been wering skiinys 4 ages

  9. I would love a pair of boots but i think they look stupid in size 12 :(

  10. how are they called?

  11. man you rock them sneakers booooooooooyyyy!

  12. what kind of boots are those? they lock great

  13. Every guy should have a least own a pair of converse sneakers.

  14. I only gave Jordans so fuk u

  15. I call them “pants”

  16. where can i get those boots and oxfords? thx

  17. how is it called? :) thanks

  18. they look like levis 511 to me

  19. Wow those are some great shoe tips, your video was great.


  20. i wasn’t aware being a cunt was a ‘skill set’

  21. Horrible fashion

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  23. what are thhose shoes called @0:48?

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