How to Improve your Business Casual Clothing – Dressing Sharp at Work for Men Video Guide

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  7. Thanks. You confirmed that I’m doing things right. I do need to do a better job of ironing.

  8. dude, how about advice for tonight, not for like in 2 weeks from now..

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  10. Ambassadorkouture

    you video is nice and interesting but would really advice you ad pictures and try making it more shorter for proper digest and understanding.

  11. This video could be so much shorter. Try to make it more effective next time. And add some pictures.

  12. One tip I suggest to make your videos better (they already are, don’t get me wrong) is to show pictures fade in and then fade out as you talk. It helps to envision the clothes that you mean because some of us do not have these clothes and it is hard to actually picture the clothes you are alluding to. Like the videos, keep it up.

  13. TheSyntaxOverride

    Is your lapel half notch and half peak? o_O

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  15. kingmikeofthenorth

    What about a really vibrant blue/red shirt. I have these but I’m not sure if they’re a little too flashy for business casual.

  16. Great advice indeed. Thanks so much. The chart on the link is awesome haha, it does make a difference and puts you into a stand out position.

  17. thanks dude! nice advice!


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