Eyebrow Grooming for Men : Eyebrow Grooming for Men: Plucking

December 16, 2011  |  Male Grooming

Pluck men’s eyebrows by applying pressure to the skin and removing hair in the growth pattern when grooming. Tweeze men’s eyebrows withtips from a professional hair stylist in this free men’s grooming video. Expert: Kevin Charles Bio: Kevin Charles is the owner of Kevin Charles Hair Artistry, a beauty salon, located in St. Petersburg, Fla. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



  1. that dude has some pretty nice hair

  2. @zahaj nope its usually the thiker darker ones… if u got little ones round plug em out

  3. dude…. what’s gay kurt cobain doing?

  4. Lol I never knew Billy Ray Cyrus was gay

  5. @98765432123456 “ppl who call other people ugly are mostly ugly as fuck lmaoo so becarful who u call ugly dumb fuck”
    Oh the fucking irony.

  6. @EricTheRed03 maybe, if your ugly then hell no

  7. @ultrasteez He’s like: Oh my god, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. restore natural shape wtf? natural is what u got u don’t need to restore it

  9. looks like kurt cobain

  10. That guy reminds me so much of David Spade

  11. that guy looks like he’s about to cry

  12. Jeez check out the Goatee’ on this chick!

  13. Question. Will i get laid more (by girls) if i did this

  14. dude is like “they told me it was a woman.”

  15. thanks bitch

  16. @98765432123456 …I was joking, considering what you said I thought this would be obvious. It’s not like I know what you look like.

    Advice: You are a very angry person, you should get this seen too.

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  19. guy in chair has hottt nose

  20. the guy in the chair looks like he’s about to shit his pants.

  21. 5 o’clock shadowing??
    dont salon talk, i dont undertand that

  22. lmbo look at his face he looks so scared

  23. @artymarty99 i get were u are going at. some people seem to think that men dont have the right to take care of their body and look good and not like they just walked out of a dumpster. people just like to control others lives and seem to think everything they do is what everyone else should

  24. True!!!! Believe me you won’t bee good looking with a red face and irritation!!!!!!!!!

  25. Just say NO to the mono brow!! End of…
    90% of us Women are attracted to confident men… he has thick eye brows but if he was a mono brow I would catergerize him as uncomfortable with himself as well as others around him. We all do it. Who cares about the metro/hetro/homo sexual thing its 21st century, all men should look hot, sexy and confident. Lets not bitch about it, lets do!


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